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Our organization is dedicated to God's authority, natural law, and the Constitution. We work to educate all people so they are not victim to lies in enforced diversity programs. Get a cowboy spirit and pioneer the truth with us.
The SEED program, begun by Peggy McIntosh at Wellesley College more than 30 years ago, incorporates Anti-American education into enforced diversity programs that teach White Privilege and Oppression as truth. It's a Hoax and dangerous.
Our goal is to expose this hoax and educate people to the facts of how Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) has infiltrated our nation with education that has now gone from 
discrimination to persecution.
White Privilege and the Wheel of Oppression is propaganda at its finest. Behind closed doors, people are swayed to compromise their ideas, values, morals, ethics and lifestyles in 
exchange for love acceptance of
 the group.
SEED is the reason our country is in chaos. Its philosophy has been accepted and taught in not only schools, but businesses, government, military, churches and homes. People believe the hoax under the guise of love.
The facts are; it turns wrongs into rights. People ignore simple facts such as life begins at conception, and marriage is only between a man and a woman. When America cannot figure out these facts, how can we figure out complex issues.
Bullying and vulgarity toward President Trump and his family is now in vogue; it is okay. People are classified as oppressor or oppressed. You can insult, call people names, falsely accuse of hatred, racism, and even be crude about a fictional oppressor, for he is the bad guy.

 Boycotts, destruction of businesses, and law suits are encouraged against anyone or business that does not fall in line with White Privilege theology. So much for love and acceptance and tolerance.  All people lose when the world is seen through oppression glasses.
There are new laws at every level suppressing the rights of  Americans and making victims of everyone. Becoming offensive rather than defensive is the reason we teach easy ways to be effective on a daily basis with the 
            STOP the Compromise Movement. Read about it at
Georgiana Preskar began her career into politics 15 years ago. Her investigative personality drew her to the discovery of the SEED program in Elk Grove CA in 2003. Her life changed forever. She pioneers education that makes sense; authentic rule of law, which is God's suthority, natural law, and the Constitution.

Her background is varied and having been into the feminist movement in the 60's, she understands how easily "insane' thinking can happen to both men and women. Brainwashing does happen, as she saw and experienced it  while attending San Francisco State College in the late 60's.
Her degree was in Sociology. Now an uncompromising conservative, she speaks the truth; no political correctness. Many people are stunned for  her early discoveries prove to be the cause of America's chaos and destruction. She found White Privilege education within the SEED Program in 2003. Few thought it serious then. Now they know better.
   Eagle Ed USA is focused on the White Privilege scam being perpetrated throughout America. The simple truth: brainwashing does exist. Once individuals and organizations succumb to brainwashing, compromise becomes easy for it is a loving thing to do. This is when it becomes dangerous. Many awful things take place under the guise of love.
Georgiana, after discovering the SEED program, knew we were in grave danger. She has authored four books and compiled instructive programs that deal with diversity reform, white privilege and the wheel of oppression, common sense, compromise, and the STOP MOVEMENT
Georgiana is not only an author, but wife of Michael for 46 years, mother of two (Michael and Michelle) and grandmother of 10, all under age 14. She was the Director of Eagle Forum of Sacramento and Diversity Reform USA,  Diversity Director on the California Eagle Forum board, and voted into the Sacramento Republican Central Committee. 
Georgiana is a registered nurse and sociologist. She has been a  substitute school teacher,  real estate agent, religious education instructor, and prayer coordinator and currently a NRA Certified
 Pistol Instructor and Director of Eagle Ed USA.

Georgiana has been on radio, conducted educational seminars, worked with legislators on bills, lobbied at state capitol, has done in home education seminars, and worked within churches and schools to educate as to enforced diversity programs and how they victimize not only individuals, but groups unaware of the propaganda taught by them with the
 intent to transform  America.
Her other websites are , , , and
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